Millwright Services


Explore Wescan Construction Services’ Millwright Solutions. We provide services to ensure efficient machinery operations for commercial and industrial facilities in Manitoba. Our range of services covers seamless installation, careful maintenance, and fine-tuning for a wide variety of equipment. With a focus on precision and reliability, we help businesses achieve optimal performance and efficiency, save time and money, across many market sectors. Wescan’s Millwright Division was implemented to offer our clients further service to help meet their needs, and to make sure that their down time is minimal.

Machinery Maintenance

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Regular maintenance is crucial for the optimal functioning of industrial machinery. Our Millwrights perform routine inspections, lubrication, and adjustments to prevent breakdowns and extend equipment lifespan.

Our team has the expertise necessary to identify and rectify issues with machinery, employing diagnostic tools and techniques to pinpoint problems.

Repair and Overhaul

Repairs and Modification

When machinery malfunctions or breaks down, trust our team to diagnose the issue, dismantle the parts, repair, or replace damaged components, and reassemble the machinery.

Our Red Seal Millwrights and registered apprentices are experienced in performing repairs and modifications to suit your needs.

Installation and Assembly

Installation of agriculture equipment

Our Millwrights specialize in setting up new machinery and equipment in various industries. This involves precise assembly, alignment, and calibration of machinery components. Our team can complete these projects from beginning to end, leaving you more worry-free time to focus on other aspects of your business. Let us handle all your concrete, electrical, mechanical and millwright needs.

  • Bucket elevators
  • Pneumatic grain systems
  • Augers and dryers

Welding and Cutting of Steel and Steel Fabrication

Welding and Fabrication

Our fabrication facility has on-staff welders and fabricators to provide the skills necessary for fabricating or repairing metal components of machinery.

Our Millwright team also comprise of CWB welders. With this knowledge and experience we can make sure that any repairs that may come up at any time during a repair can be handled immediately and efficiently. Our prefab shop also can fabricate anything off site that is needed to ensure ease of mind that everything is being handled.

Alignment and Precision Work

Precision Alignment on Pumps, Motors, and Equipment

With 45 years of experience, our Millwrights are skilled in aligning machinery components to ensure they function correctly and efficiently. This involves using precision tools to align shafts, gears, belts, and other components.

Our Millwright team is well versed in laser alignment and can install all your bases, soul plates, pumps, and motors with absolute accuracy, which reduces downtime and costs associated with it.

Rigging and Heavy Lifting

We are proficient in rigging techniques, using cranes and other lifting equipment to move heavy machinery safely.

We assist in relocating machinery within a facility or from one location to another. This involves dismantling, transporting, and reassembling, and calibrating the equipment.

Installation and Relocation of Equipment and Machines of All Sizes

Equipment Relocation
Precision layout of equipment. Whether it is your conveyor system, new laser cutter, punch press, or press brake, our Millwrights can set it up with accuracy to ensure proper calibration and a flawless startup of the equipment.

Safety Compliance

Strict adherence to safety standards and protocols during installation, maintenance, and repair to ensure a safe working environment.

Equipment Safety Guarding

Wescan understands the importance of using safety guarding around your equipment to keep your most valuable asset—your employee—safe from harm and to be certain that Workplace Safety and Health protocols are being followed. Our team can visit your site, do an assessment of your equipment, and together come up with a plan to get you to that next step.

Maintenance Mechanic

Temporary Relief

We can supply Red Seal Millwrights and registered apprentices for any duration of time needed. Either temporary holiday relief or to help with long term manpower shortfalls.


Plant Shutdowns or Special Projects
Our Millwright team is exceptionally experienced at plant shutdown work and special projects in many different sectors that include, but are not limited to, Industrial Plants, Agriculture Facilities, Food Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Railroad, and Vehicle Plants.

Mechanical Engineer Team

Wescan has an in-house mechanical engineering team, to help with getting drawings to the table for review and approval.

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Crane and Tool Rental

Daily - Weekly - Monthly Rentals

Wescan has a few different crane companies that we work with on an ongoing basis, that can suit all your lifting and rigging needs. From spider cranes, carry decks, knuckle booms to 300 ton, we will make sure that the proper equipment is in place for the task at hand. Our millwright team are also experienced riggers and have full knowledge and certifications for use of overhead bridge cranes.

We also have a full array of tooling and equipment that can be rented on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing

Our comprehensive vibration analysis and dynamic balancing service is a vital asset for industries. With cutting-edge technology and highly skilled technicians, we offer a meticulous assessment of machinery vibrations, pinpointing potential issues before they escalate.

Comprehensive Vibration Analysis

Our Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing services are indispensable assets for various industries. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a team of highly skilled technicians, we conduct a meticulous assessment of machinery vibrations. This enables us to pinpoint potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your critical assets.

Precision Dynamic Balancing

Through our precise Dynamic Balancing services, we guarantee optimal efficiency for your rotating equipment. This process not only reduces wear and tear but also extends the lifespan of your critical assets. Our on-site services minimize downtime, enhancing both productivity and safety. Trust us to provide real-time insights and solutions, safeguarding your equipment and operations while maximizing your bottom line in challenging field environments.

Route-Based Vibration Analysis for Predictive Maintenance

Our Route-Based Vibration Analysis serves as a predictive maintenance technique for assessing and monitoring the condition of rotating machinery and equipment. This involves periodic data collection at specific locations or “routes” within your facility. By detecting and diagnosing vibration-related issues before they escalate, we help you avoid significant failures and costly downtime. This approach prioritizes preventive measures, contributing to the overall reliability of your machinery.