Mechanical Service

Our Mechanical Service team is comprised of skilled tradesmen who are Red Seal Endorsed, making them highly trained and proficient in their fields of expertise to provide day to day mechanical service and preventive maintenance, as well as project level management for a variety of our clients’ operations. Our team includes A and B Fitter Gas Technicians, Refrigeration/HVAC, Plumbers, and Steam/Pipefitters. Our Electrical Service Division also supports our mechanical clients with licensed Red Seal Electricians when required.

Mechanical Services

Throughout our 45 years of servicing commercial, construction, and maintenance projects, we have become proficient in understanding that not all businesses require the same needs from their mechanical systems. We offer customized commercial HVAC preventive maintenance programs, which will provide the specific care needed for optimal system performance.

Preventive Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Performed in the spring for cooling systems and in the fall for heating systems, preventive maintenance serves as a tune-up for your building’s HVAC systems, helping them run more efficiently throughout the seasons. Several steps are taken to correct existing issues and prevent future performance problems and breakdowns – these steps generally include the following.

General Mechanical Maintenance Services

Project Level Services

Our technicians are also proficient in a variety of project level services, including:

With all our service contracts we provide a two-hour response time.

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Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Our service departments are well-versed in service maintenance contracts and currently look after several Mechanical, Electrical, and Security Systems preventive maintenance contracts for over 50 facilities in Manitoba.

Preventative Maintenance Contracts
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Our dedicated service dispatcher has over 10 years of experience and maintains the highest level of customer service.

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Project Management

We ensure that our technicians follow all current public health and safety rules and precautions, including any client specific policies that may be in effect. Our technicians are all required to pass a standard background check before becoming part of our service team.