Special Projects

Looking for a service provider that can customize solutions for your facilities? Wescan has the team of professionals that you are looking for. From small renovations, service, and repairs to complete new construction builds and customized systems, our Special Projects teams is equipped with the knowledge and experience to get the job done.

Service and Maintenance Contracts

Wescan has developed many specialized programs for our clients to provide long-term contracts for electrical and mechanical services. We can coordinate and implement programs to suit large facilities that require on-site technicians daily for all service requirements.

If you have a facility in need of general daily service and maintenance, give us a call to explore our solutions!

Our history of experience goes back 45 years to when we first began electrical services for retail businesses in 1978. We have taken our years of experience and developed programs that benefit the individual needs of the client while maintaining a routine for our staff to ensure high level of quality and consistency.

Thermal Imaging​

Thermal imaging is an essential tool for identifying potential problems in electrical systems and panels. Thermal imaging of electrical systems and panels offers an effective way to detect issues before they become critical, helping to prevent costly downtime and equipment failure. Our thermal imaging services use advanced thermal cameras that detect temperature differences in the electrical components, allowing certified technicians to quickly identify and report hot spots that indicate potential faults. Certified thermographers will produce high level detailed reports that can be used for insurance protection, building occupancy, and annual building maintenance requirements.

Contact us today to talk with one of our electrical technicians about thermal imaging for your building.

Unique Projects​

Our Special Projects team is an industry leader in designing, planning, and completing unique service and maintenance projects. With our team of skilled and certified technicians, managers, and design leads, we help to ensure that your project is completed successfully, from initial consulting and design services to project management and implementation. Our specialized knowledge and experience is an asset to identify potential challenges and provide innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of any project. Our expertise and attention to detail will bring your unique project to fruition, while minimizing risks and maximizing success.

Our special projects group has provided on going services and maintenance for facilities such as:

Our Special Projects team offers unique and unparalleled capabilities to ensure your services are in the best hands.

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High Level Security Clearance

High-level security clearance for our technicians ensures that only trusted and qualified individuals are permitted to work on sensitive job sites such as police stations, prisons, and government facilities, which can help to maintain the integrity of the project and minimize any potential risks or threats. As many sites require background checks and security training, our long-term experience working in these various sites brings value to our clients to reduce time searching for qualified technicians and perform training.